Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ



  • Alternate costume

    Collect all Folks for Ellen and Keats to unlock an alternate costume.

  • Bonus Folks

    Successfully complete the indicated task in Dungeon Trial mode to unlock the corresponding Folk:

      Ellen (Collbrande): Get 150,000 Campaign Points.
      Ellen (Duergar): Get 30,000 Campaign Points.
      Ellen (Kaladbolg): Upload a 4,500 Point Dungeon.
      Keats (Alphard): Upload a 4,500 Point Dungeon.
      Keats (Collbrande): Get 150,000 Campaign Points.
      Keats (Duergar): Get 30,000 Campaign Points.
      Keats (Valiant): Get 100,000 Campaign Points.

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