Gundemonium Recollection


Play as Elixirel

Collect 24 Play Orders or defeat Elixirel Daath to unlock Elixirel.

Play as NAGI in GundeadliGne

Successfully complete GundeadliGne without using any continues to unlock NAGI.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Achernar (Silver): Obtain 1,000 Gems in 1 Area.
    Aldebaran (Bronze): Defeat 16 Cyclones in one game.
    Altair (Bronze): Defeat Phaser after letting it kill you twice.
    Antares (Bronze): Clear Novice Mode.
    Arcturus (Bronze): Clear Unlimited Mode.
    Arided (Bronze): Defeat Slayer while destroying only the main body.
    Betelgeuse (Gold): Defeat Elixirel Daath.
    Canopus (Bronze): Clear Revised Mode.
    Hadar (Silver): Perform 4 Friction Breaks in 1 Game.
    Kentaurus (Silver): Clear Demonic Mode.
    Sombrero (Bronze): Obtain 4 life items.
    Trapezium (Bronze): Perform a 1,000-Hit Combo in 1 Area.
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