Press Your Luck



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Beginner's luck! (Bronze): Win an online game.
    Rockstar out! (Bronze): Win the 4th show.
    Onto a winner! (Bronze): Win the 8th show.
    Too much luck! (Bronze): Win the 12th show.
    House party! (Bronze): Host 10 public games.
    Couch potato! (Silver): Win the 16th show.
    Luck of the devil! (Silver): Win 20 online games.
    Boardcracker! (Silver): Win the 20th show.
    No Whammies! (Silver): Win a show with no Whammy.
    Buzzer beater! (Silver): Win an online game by buzzing first and answering the correct answer to ever question.
    Big Bucks! (Silver): Win over $60,000 in one show.

Additionally, there are two secret trophies:

    Press your clothes! (Bronze): Create a complete custom character.
    Cheap trick! (Bronze): In an online game, pass you spins to an opponent who gets a Whammy on your passed spins.
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