Preview updated: You know how the police department always likes to complicate things? You they have a bunch of different guys that handle certain jobs. One guy is in forensics, one guy is a profiler, one guy is a detective... Total beauracratic red tape my friends! You can thank the teamsters Union for that nonsense.

In Monolith and Sega's upcoming action thriller, Condemned: Criminal Origins, you'll play as an officer of the law who can do all of those jobs himself. Ultimately that just means more donuts for you, tubby!

Your job is to catch a series of violent serial killers (are there any other kind?) and you will need cool toys, weapons, fists and smarts to bring him to justice. Either that or access to the Batsignal and let the Dark Knight handle it. That way you'll have more time to play with your new Xbox 360 or PS3.

The game will be played in the first person viewpoint, and from what we've heard, it will be definitely one to play with the lights off and the sound cranked. However it won't be your typical FPS, in fact, Sega and Monolith aren't even referring to the game as a first person shooter. While you will have the opportunity to wield deadly firearms in the game, melee combat will feature more heavily than shooting. Melee fighting in the first person perspective can be done quite effectively if you think back to Namco's innovative Breakdown and Starbreeze's incredibly entertaining Chronicles of Riddick game.

A secret report from Mr. StewXX, whom we haven't heard from in awhile says that he has seen this game in action and that "we'll all freak out because it's insanely atmospheric. Think Silent Hill but ramped up in every department - the visuals, especially the animation are stunning."

StewXX described a scene in which the lead character encountered a weaponless enemy, who turned tail, ripped a shelve off the wall, knocking the contents to the ground, and used the support beam from the unit to attack. He also mentioned that detective work will play a very important role - hunting for clues and using items such as a fingerprint scanner and footprint detector will figure very highly in the end result.Condemned sounds like it might be more along the lines of a violent adventure game, rather than a mindless first person shooter/fighter.

We're imagining a playable version of Se7en, but minus Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman and all of the bad acting. Yeah, that would rock!

Stay tuned for the E3, for more information and media.

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System: PS3, X360
Dev: Monolith
Pub: Sega
Released: TBA 2005
Preview by Vaughn