Rally Racing fans know the name Colin McRae and the games all have done
well. Some of the titles were better than others yet; one thing is for sure the games have all had a realistic look and feel to them. They also have been loaded with modes and cars and other neat features. At one time it looked like the popular series was a thing of the past. Now Codemasters is going to bring the popular series to the PSP system.

Codemasters announced the game and from everything so far it looks like while the game system is small the game is not going to lack any of the modes or vehicles and just may rival a few of the bigger versions. Although Codemasters has not released all the features for the game as of yet, I can tell you the game will have the career mode, 4WD championship and even a multi-player mode.

The game will be slightly different than the other versions in the fact that players can pick up the game and play it for 5 minutes or an hour. Fans of the series know that the races are very long and the competition is always tough. So Codemasters decided to take advantage of the PSP saving option. This will allow players to save at any time during a race. Being a handheld system this feature makes sense.


I wish I had more in the way of features and modes for all of you racing fans. I can tell you the screen shots look great and the same team who has worked on the series in the past is making the game. I can also tell you while it has a spring 2005 release date, this one will probably be released closer towards summer. Of course in this industry I have learned never predict a release date and simply place the one that the company has listed. In any case, fans of Colin McRae are getting a PSP system this should be great news. Take a minute to look over the details in the early screen shots and look for more on this one as soon as all the features are released.

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System: PSP
Dev: Codemasters
Pub: Codemasters
Release: Spring 2005
Players: 1 - 4
PReview by Chris