If you think that diffusing a bomb would be a lot of fun, you can start by taking the Smart Bomb disk out of your PSP. This game is a bomb and I don't mean it in the reverse-negative way that hipsters use to show that they're cool. How the hell are you supposed to understand what I'm really saying if some MTV, pre-fabricated loser is intent on changing the definition of perfectly clear and acceptable term? Changing the definition of a word isn't cool. It's moronic. A baby can do it. How about we all change the meaning of traffic signs for the hell of it? Maybe we can get someone killed. Wouldn't that be a lot of fun?

When I say that Smart Bomb is a bomb, I actually hope there are some idiots out there that think I mean that, "It's da' bomb dude," and wind up purchasing this game. Hey it serves you right. I didn't change the definition of the word "bomb" or "bad". Blame it on that Dell computer kid, if he hasn't already committed suicide after he realized how badly he wasted his 15 minutes of fame.

So what's wrong with Smart Bomb that got me in such a cantankerous mood? It's missed potential - that's what. I love puzzle games and I really believed that this one was going to be unique. Since it's debuting on a new gaming system I'm sure a lot of gamers are anticipating new and exciting concepts. I don't like being let down when I get my hopes up and that's just what Smart Bomb did.

A mad bomber has left a plethora of bombs for you to try to dismantle. To get to the heart of the bomb and disarm it requires the solving of various layers of puzzles. In some instances you will have to use mirrors to deflect laser beams or roll balls around to deactivate force fields. Each successfully completed puzzle brings you closer into the web.

Now I know that I've played a lot of games in my life but there wasn't one puzzle in this game that I haven't already seen some kind of variation of. That wouldn't be so bad if the puzzles in this game weren't so weak and repetitive. They don't flow and they don't convey that needed sense of urgency. The puzzles are time limited but the load times between puzzles really grind the excitement to a halt. Add to that an unresponsive control system and you've got a miserable game on your hands.

The story mode attempts to interject some cutscenes between some of the puzzles. Here's where you'll be introduced to the mad bomber. All the story mode does is make you head for the arcade mode where all of the cutscenes are skipped. Up to four players can take part in the multi-player mode as they all try to diffuse the same bomb. It's a little more interesting to have some company but it doesn't make the puzzles any more interesting or diverse.

Smart Bomb doesn't work as a stand-alone game. It's like a single component of a Tomb Raider-style action adventure game looking for a home. Everything about it is low quality, from the music to the terrible cutscenes. But what made me madder than all Hell is the fact that I purchased this game with my own money. I'll see if I can return it and exchange it for a needle in my arse.

PReview by Gooseberry

The PSP hasn't been out for a month yet and we're starting to see more and more puzzle games released. You will duly note that most puzzle games appear during the first generation cycle of a new systems release. It's not coincidence. Publishers know that when a new system shows up on store shelves, gamers are clamouring to get their hands on any games. As the system ages, less emphasis is placed on the wild card genres such as puzzlers, as gamers become more focused on what they spend their cash on.

Eidos' Smart Bomb might not replace Tetris anytime soon, but the gameplay looks interesting enough, especially the panic you'll feel when that bomb explodes in your face.

The story behind Smart Bomb is as follows: The World is under attack from a crazed bomber who has set up an intricate network of bombs across the Globe. As part of a specialized Bomb Disposal Unit, it is up to you to diffuse the threat. Time is running out. Can you save the World?

Smart Bomb delivers a tense gameplay experience as players are faced with a series of fast paced 3D puzzles designed to obstruct the player from getting to the detonator - the heart of the bomb. The puzzles take full advantage of the 3D environments possible on the new PSP handheld entertainment system. Navigation in, around, and through the bombs gives the player such a feeling of immersion that the PSP handheld feels like a time bomb in your hands.

  • Numerous puzzle types and variants combine to make over 180 different types of puzzles you’ll need to solve.
  • Single player options include - Story, Arcade, Challenge and Special Modes.
  • Up to 4 players can compete in timed and point based head to action via wireless technology for the PSP handheld.
  • Unlock different modes as you play single and multiplayer!


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System: PSP
Dev: Eidos
Pub: Eidos
Release: April 2005
Players: 1 - 4
Review by Cole