Right after CCCP launched we were asked by many of the members which next-gen console was the one to go out and buy. Vaughn even worked out a grading system based on sales and titles. He later changed his mind as more information came out and we got a chance to see some of the games and the full list of features. Being the new guy on the block I had a strong feeling about the Xbox system. Of course the main problem at the time was the fact that the Xbox system had the name Microsoft attached to it and back then, that wasn't a good thing. I had a good feeling about it but Vaughn wasn't convinced that they were going to pull it off. I think he's changed his mind since then. :)

Now it's the new handheld systems that we are getting asked which one is going to be the best? That question is still something we are unable to answer. Why you may ask? Simple. The info is still not enough for us to give our thoughts on. I will say at first I really thought if anyone could make a decent handheld system to follow the next-gen consoles it was the DS. Now I am really leaning towards the PSP and it sounds like Vaughn is as well. If you saw the screen shots for the PSP version of Need For Speed you know why. Now we get a chance to see the PSP version of Tiger Woods and it's hard to believe the screen shots are from a handheld system.

The real bottom line is both the DS and the PSP are both going to have some great titles. It's also a fact no matter what we think it will be up to each person's choice and personal tastes. I will say if Sony keeps showing us screenshots like these it is going to be hard for us not to get excited about the PSP.

Tiger Woods for the PSP will feature some of the best courses from the 2004 and the new 2005 version. It will offer a single player mode and a multi-player mode using the new Wi-Fi wireless capabilities of the system and we want to know more about how this is going to work. It looks like TWPGA for the PSP is going to mirror the console version in almost every way. It will also offer great camera angles and smooth animations and the every hole is looking very detailed. Not bad for a handheld system and to be honest if we where to place screen shots and ask you to guess which ones are from the PSP version and the PS2 version you maybe surprised at the amount of wrong guesses. Gamers will be able to change the settings and the "Tiger proofing" will also be in the smaller version.

Shown at the Tokyo Game show Tiger got a lot of attention. Players will use the analog stick for pinpoint accuracy. Keep watching for updated previews and more detailed info on Tiger Woods and more screen shots and detailed game features.

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System: PSP
Dev: EA
Pub: EA
Released: Feb 2005
Players: 1 - ?
PReview by Chris