While we are still waiting for Sony to settle on a launch price and what will be included in the bundle, one thing is for sure there is certainly a lot of companies making games for the little handheld system. Codemasters is jumping on board with an impressive racing game TOCA Race Driver 2. Again we have all heard about the "Power" of the PSP and what it's supposed to be able to handle graphically. Taking a look at the press and screens on this one, maybe the little handheld can do what Sony claims it can?

TOCA is going to feature everything found in the bigger console versions. It's also going to feature and impressive 21 cars on the screen racing all at the same time. We all have talked about the power of the "UMD" Disc's and this one title shows what it can hold. For racing fans the game is going to be loaded and even include a WiFi LAN mode for up to 8-racers to race at one time. It is not known if everyone will need a game disc but I think you will. The game is supposed to show real time damage, real physics and even real AI driver AI.

Codemasters has announced the game will also feature 15 different motorsports as well as an impressive 30 global championships and 52 circuits in short the game is really loaded. Codemasters has this one slated for a spring release; however don't count on this one being ready for the launch of the PSP system. I will say after looking at the screen shots the game looks promising. Racing fans that have a PSP on Order may want to place a pre-order on this one. I will have a full list of features and anything added closer to the actual ship date. Until then take a look at the screen shots and see the detailed tracks and cars. For a Handheld version this one is looking good so far!

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System: PSP
Dev: Codemasters
Pub: Codemasters
Release: Spring 2005
Players: 1 - 8
PReview by Chris