Guilty Gear XX Slash


Fight against EX characters

While selecting the "Arcade Mode" option, hold L2.

Fight against Gold characters

While selecting the "Arcade Mode" option, hold L1. Note: You cannot choose a Gold or Shadow mode character.

Play as Justice

Successfully complete Level 440 in Survival mode to unlock Justice.

Play as Kliff

Successfully complete Level 420 in Survival mode to unlock Kliff.

Guilty Gear #Reload characters

Successfully complete Arcade mode with a character.

EX characters

Successfully complete Mission Level 2. Alternately, proceed through Survival mode to unlock EX and SP characters. Note: After Level 500 you will face Gold characters instead of the EX versions, in the order they appeared in EX forms. After unlocking the SP versions, highlight the unlocked character and press Start, Right.

Mission art

Successfully complete Mission Level 1 to unlock that character's art.

Order-Sol Mission Level 3

Unlock Kliff and Justice as playable characters to unlock Order-Sol Mission Level 3.

SP costume colors

Successfully complete Mission Level 3 to unlock that character's SP costume colors.

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