NCAA GameBreaker 2003


Game Shark Codes

Master Code (Must Be On)0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
EE820F4E BCC2878A
Infinite Time Outs Home TeamCE493DC6 BCA99B86
No Time Outs Home TeamCE493DC6 BCA99B83
Home Team Scores 0CE493D36 BCA99B83
Home Team Scores 50CE493D36 BCA99BB5
Infinite Time Outs Away TeamCE493DC0 BCA99B86
No Time Outs Away TeamCE493DC0 BCA99B83
Away Team Scores 0CE493D3E BCA99B83
Away Team Scores 50CE493D3E BCA99BB5
Always 1st DownCE493C3A BCA99B84
CE4683A6 BCA99B84
Always 4th DownCE493C3A BCA99B87
CE4683A6 BCA99B87
2 Downs Per Poss0E493C3A BCA99B84
CE493C3A BCA99B86
0E493C3A BCA99B84
CE4683A6 BCA99B86
3 Downs Per Poss0E493C3A BCA99B84
CE493C3A BCA99B85
0E493C3A BCA99B84
CE4683A6 BCA99B85
Infinite Play TimeDE493C0A BCBAB083
Press L1 + L2 For Home Win0EAAD238 BCA99582
CE493D36 BCA99BB5
0EAAD238 BCA99582
CE493D3E BCA99B83
Press R1 + R2 For Away Win0EAAD238 BCA99082
CE493D36 BCA99B83
0EAAD238 BCA99082
Press Select For No Play Time0EAAD238 BCA99A81

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