Move over Mario....The movie cult classic makes its gaming debut in a most peculiar, yet oddly appropriate way. by Vaughn Smith

March 21, 2006 - If you haven't seen Napoleon Dynamite yet, all I can say is "Gosh. Idiot!" Released in 2004, Napoleon Dynamite was the antithesis of every teen movie starring Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff you've ever suffered through. Capturing the essence of those awkward teen years in stunningly comedic deadpan detail, there wasn't a character in the movie that wasn't identifiable in some form or another. Surprisingly it's taken two years for the video game industry to figure out a way to capitalize on the films popularity with game playing youth, but developer Sloof Lirpa has teamed with Konami to bring you Dance Dance Revolution: Napoleon Dynamite Edition.

Sloof Lirpa has released only two screenshots of the game (the box art is our Frankenstein creation) and only a small taste of what gamers can expect when DDR:NDE hits storeshelves a year and a bit on April 1, 2007.

The plot will remain true to the subplot of the movie, in which Pedro delivers a terrible, snooze-inducing Class President speech but then manages to win thanks to the quick and slick dance moves of his "got your back" pal, Napoleon. As Napoleon, it's up to you win the presidency for Pedro.

The gameplay will be instantly familiar to anyone who has played a DDR game in the past. Onscreen arrows will dictate where the player has to place their feet and do so in time with the music. We're hoping to hear about a Special Edition dancemat, but that has yet to be determined, although Sloof Lirpa hinted at both a Special Edition 24 Piece Set and 32 Piece Set. Lucky!

We're told the games tutorial will begin in Napoleon's bedroom and from there, Napoleon will have to outdance other characters from the movie such as Uncle Rico, Kip, Pedro, Deb and a few more surprises. We've also discovered that along the way, Napoleon (and gang) will have to have a few dance showdowns (think boss battles) with Kip's internet galpal LaFawnduh, Summer Wheatly, Rex and even a Liger (that's a lion and tiger mixed, bred for its skills of magic). Expect to be able to play as all of the characters once the game has been completed and you can also expect some very cool costume changes.

Each character will have their own mission once they are unlocked. Kip will have do dance in front of his webcam to impress LaFawnduh, Uncle Rico will have to dance to provide power to his time machine (set for '82), Deb will have to dance to get Napoleon's attention, Pedro will have to dance to get the hair off of his head, because he's so dang hot...very strange stuff.

Dancing isn't the only thing you'll be doing, as Sloof Lirpa has hinted at a few mini-games such as Tetherball Tourney, Rex Flex, Sweet Jumps, Time Machine to '82, Tina Feeder, Tater Tot Collector and 24 Piece Set Sales, but we've been given no other information.

Watch for more info on this bizarre yet highly creative dance game. With the game set for an April 1st, 2007 release, we'd assume it was a joke, but Sloof Lirpa has given us no indication that that they're pulling our legs...our dancing legs that is. All we have to say is "Sweet!" Stay tuned.


  • Play the movie in dance form
  • Featuring characters from the popular cult classic - Napoleon Dynamite, Kip, Uncle Rico, Summer, Deb, LaFawnduh, Pedro, Tina the llama and more
  • Each character has their own playable storyline
  • Various awesome mini-games based on the movie: Tetherball Tourny, Tater Tot Collector, Sweet Jumps, Time Machine To '82, Football Mountain Throw, Rex Flex, Dang Quesa-Dilluh Maker and more!
  • Unlock extra characters and earn extra moves and costumes such as Nap's brown suit, Vote For Pedro shirt, Kip's gangsta look, Uncle Rico's Starting Lineup Jersey '82, Deb's puffy prom dress and more.

By Vaughn Smith
CCC Site Director

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Dance Dance Revolution: Napoleon Dynamite Edition (PS2)
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System: PS2
Dev: Sloof Lirpa
Pub: Konami
Release: April 1, 2007
Players: 1 - 2
Preview by Vaughn

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