Daibolique is the story of a spy. And not just any spy. He has the latest high tech toys, is a master hacker and can fight like a wild cat. When the going gets rough, our little spy has a very cool secret. He can change into ghost, feast on souls and turn every weapon in his hands into a fiendish weapon. Did I mention, this spy, a Mr. Dark Eaville, is from Hell? I bet you, even the stupid among you, dear reader, thought something was up when I mentioned his name. Dark in Dark Evil. Yes, quite tricky. You wouldn't guess from his name that anything was up, would you? Let's hope the game has more going for it, than that groaner of a moniker.

From here on in I'll let the official press materials take over. Remember, English is not their first language so be nice and of course, take everything written below with a side order of salt. After all, it is PR material.


The most important thing? Intelligence agent and devil straight from hell in one! Spy action and devilish magic. Splendid life of agent and an infernal job.

„Diabolique – License To Sin” tells the story of Dark Eaville with a terrific tempo. You’re the best intelligence agent and devil straight from hell. You use the latest hitech gadgets, hack computers, fight hand-to-hand or provide cover fire. And when all this becomes insufficient, let yourself use your supernatural infernal powers. Dark Eaville turns into a ghost, feeds himself with defeated souls and every weapon in his hands becomes a truly devilish gun...

Unique atmosphere, unbelievable graphics, great amount of possibilities combined with simple intuitive steering, and the hero never seen before – these constitute the essence of „Diabolique – Licence To Sin”.

Every thousand years a very rare planetary alignment makes Earth invisible to the Boss of the Bosses. Secret agencies of Heaven’s and Hell’s fighting each other for human souls, stop obeying any rules at all during that time. And even though Hell’s agency traditionally does not obey rules, the balance between good and evil becomes gravely endangered when their opponents from Heaven also stop observing the rules! Dark Eaville, is on a mission to stop Heaven’s agency and bring back the delicate balance between good and evil.


  • Never seen before Protagonist. On one hand Dark Eaville is trained secret agent equipped with luxury cars and hi-tech gadgets. On the other hand, he is a beast with fire in hands and a berserk lust.
  • Graphics created with the latest technologies such as:
    - Intensive use of the latest GPUs
    - Shader model 3.0 where available
    - Normal mapping technique for extremely detailed characters
    - Full-screen Postprocessing Effects (FSE) for movie like looks
    - Realtime, physically correct soft shadows.
  • Enormous number of details and tasteful design – the whole creation’s concept was to imitate the reality of the character as best as possible: rich interiors of expensive restaurants, the lights of big cities, Alpine village, medieval castle and many other places.
  • RenderWare Physics engine responsible for realistic depiction of how objects and characters behave in the environment.
  • The environment. Clever and well trained opponents use the environment in unique way. The environment also influences Dark Eaville and changes the way you play.
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System: Xbox, PS2, PC
Dev: Metropolis
Pub: TBA
Release: TBA 2006
Players: 1
Preview by Vaughn