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Dev: Idol Minds Digital Entertainment 1.0 - 1.9 = Avoid 4.0 - 4.4 = Great
Pub: Activision 2.0 - 2.4 = Poor 4.5 - 4.9 = Must Buy
Release: Nov. 4, 2008 2.5 - 2.9 = Average 5.0 = The Best
Players: 1-2 3.0 - 3.4 = Fair
ESRB Rating: Everyone 3.5 - 3.9 = Good

Playing through the story features the same types of mini-challenges, but they’re not all bad. You’ll travel across platforms and through obstacle courses with various characters such as Alex the lion, which can be enjoyable. Also, there is a lot of variety in the types of tasks you’ll have to complete as well.

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The use of several different characters with their own unique abilities adds some variety to the game too. Nothing tends to be overly challenging, which can be a problem found in many children’s games featuring wickedly complex mazes and poorly-explained objectives. Though some of the mini-games can be boring, they’re short enough that you’ll move onto the next one in no time. Unlockables are found in the Duty Free Store, where you can purchase different apparel, video clips, and bonus features for the mini-games including bonus golf holes and music tracks.

There are simply too many factors that make Escape 2 Africa feel more like an afterthought on the PS2 than an attempt to bring an original concept to the market. Moreover, promotional tools are riddled throughout the game; one of the four main features on the opening menu is a preview for another Dreamworks game. If it were tucked away in a bonus videos section as opposed to directly on main menu with Options, Begin Story, and Africa Arcade selections, their marketing ploy may not have been as noticeable.


Though functionality isn’t one of its strong points, the game’s major saving graces are its humorous cutscenes and voiceover work, namely that of Julien. The variety of challenges offered in story mode will keep kids busy for weeks. While Escape 2 Africa is not altogether innovative and it is obvious the game was designed to work better on the Wii, it does have its moments of fun and can be very entertaining at times. And when it comes to a children’s title, what more can you really ask for?

By Pete Richards
CCC Freelance Writer

Bright environments and nice-looking characters are enjoyable, while not entirely impressive.
Controls are loosely translated to the PS2; obviously developed for Wii usage, making a lot of mini-games uninteresting and absolutely useless.
Music / Sound FX / Voice Acting
Music is upbeat and festive, albeit repetitive with time. Excellent voiceover work adds humor to this lighthearted children’s game.
Play Value
Fans of Madagascar will enjoy character involvement in the game and its humorous script. Poor control setups make mini-games and objectives in story mode dull and repetitive.
Overall Rating - Fair
Not an average. See Rating legend above for a final score breakdown.

Game Features:

  • Your favorite characters from Madagascar return and you can play them all! In addition to Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman, you also get to play as the crafty penguins, the wacky King Julien and new hippo character Moto Moto!
  • Learn all the moves and choose which character is best for the situation at hand.
  • Adventure through 12 levels and mini-games from the movie and beyond. Experience the characters, settings and situations established in Dreamworks Animation’s new Madagascar movie. Unique new environments include the Watering Hole, a free roaming area that’s been expanded for the game, the volcano and the plane wreck.
  • Master new and expanded tournament mini-games including twice as much multiplayer action as the first Madagascar!

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