I have to be honest here and say if I knew a year ago I would actually be sitting down and thinking any game with the name 989 attach to it would have potential. I would have laid down some hefty bets with a few people and cashed in. Lets face it 989 was known as really the poor mans version of sports games. Well, after their last game and a few others soon to be released it looks like the guys at 989 Studios are getting their games right. It took them long enough but they are bringing out some decent stuff. It now looks that soccer fans that own a PS2 will have another option other than EA's FIFA Series. WTS 2006 is looking to be a great title with a ton of real players, Stadiums and even EyeToy support.

Fans who may have played this year WTS version may know something others don't. The game is a decent Soccer game and it looks like Sony is hard at work to make sure the franchise only gets bigger and better. Players can expect over 19,000 FIFPRO Licensed players, 28 different stadiums and 32 different leagues and that is not all of the features in the game. I do know that 989 are working hard to recreate the real feel of the sport, which has seen a boost in popularity even in North America. Now with adding to the graphics and using the Digimask technology along with the EyeToy the game will feature fantastic life-like players and movements. Of course using the EyeToy gamers can place their face on a player and be in the game so to speak.

989 has said in a press statement "World Tour Soccer 2006 is the most true-to-life soccer game on the market, complete with an unmatched roster of the world's best players and top teams from around the globe," This was said by Scott Rohde director of product devolvement for 989 sports. E also had this to say about the new version of WTS "The attention to detail, endless number of play options, and inclusion of EyeToy functionality make this game not only enjoyable for gamers of all ages, but challenging for even the most intense soccer fan."

The game will be loaded with every mode you could want and be playable by the die-hard fans and the gamers just getting into the sport. While it was not announced if the game would feature an online mode we will be updating you on this one before the games release. I also hope to have a hands on preview from a playable demo version.

It really looks like 989 is focusing hard on the graphics adding all sorts of lighting and sound effects to bring the sport to life for the fans. They also have thrown in a ton of things to unlock and other neat added touches through out the game. Take a look at the screen shots and I will have a full list of game features in a follow up preview later. It just may be one to watch for even for those not into the soccer scene and may even bring new gamers to a sport that is growing in it's fan base.

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System: PS2
Dev: SCEA London
Pub: 989 Sports
Release: Mar 2005
Players: 1 - 4
Preview By Chris