Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 11


Bonus scenarios

Have a saved game file from Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 10 on your memory card to unlock the "Lu Bu Campaign" and "Power Struggle" scenarios.

Bonus officers

Successfully complete the indicated challenge scenario to unlock the corresponding officer. Note: You must dispatch these officers before the start of each scenario in order for them to appear during the game.

    Cui Zhouping: Hunting Dong Zhuo challenge scenario
    Guan Ning: Guan Du Skirmish challenge scenario
    Lu Baishe: Mai Castle Escape challenge scenario
    Meng Jian: Liu Bei's Subjugation challenge scenario
    Shi Tao: The Turbans' End challenge scenario
    Wang Tao: Nanman Rebellion challenge scenario
    Wang Yue: Defense Of Jie Ting challenge scenario
    Zhang Shiping: Huang Zu challenge scenario

New officers

Successfully complete the tutorials to unlock additional officers. Ten new officers are unlocked after the first tutorial. Ten more new officers are unlocked after four tutorials are completed. Twelve more new officers are unlocked after all tutorials have been completed.

Historical created officer portraits and models

Successfully complete the Rise Of Heroes scenario to unlock historical portraits and models for created officers.

Zhuge Liang referred as Kong Ming

Play as Lui Bei when Zhuge Liang is an officer in the same city as Lui Bei. Call a council with Zhuge Liang included and Lui Bei will refer to him as Kong Ming. Kong Ming is a second name that Zhuge Liang is referred to by in the actual book the game is based on. He does not seem to be referred to in this way any other time except the council meetings.

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