Shining Force EXA

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New Game+

Successfully complete the game and save when prompted. Load the cleared game file to start at the beginning of Chapter 14 with your previous stats, items, and equips. You will also be able to access a bonus dungeon with a secret true final Boss.


Collect all of Avalon's body parts and return them to his head located on an alter at Lakton Village to unlock him. The location of all body parts are as followed:

    Left Arm: North on the map at Altar of Darkness
    Left Foot: North on the map at Mt. Fyrgarum, Base
    Left Leg: Inside Gundestor Cavern on the south part of the map
    Right Arm: Northwest on the map at Goran-Goran Cave, Floor 1
    Right Foot: Northeast on the map at Old Noswald Castle, Yard
    Right Leg: Southeast on the Gradium Mine map; it is in a cabin
    Sword: Lakton Village (Behind Blacksmith); get a letter from Hikanay to move him out of the way
    Torso: Southeast in the Ancient Runed Temple
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