Tenchu: Fatal Shadows

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Score status screen

Note: This code requires two controllers. Pause the game using controller one. Then, press Square(2), Down(2), Up(2) on controller two.

Ninja Rebirth

Successfully complete the training level to unlock Ninja Rebirth.

Red Blade (Pit Fight) mode

Successfully complete the game on the normal difficulty setting to unlock Red Blade (Pit Fight) mode.

Alternate costumes

Successfully complete the game to unlock Rin's costume and Ayame's original costume from Tenchu 3: Wrath Of Heaven. Additionally, collect 1,600 scrolls to unlock Ayame's original costumes from Tenchu: Stealth Assassins and Tenchu 2: Birth Of The Assassins.

Alternate intermission sequence

While watching an intermission sequence from the "Encyclopedia" screen, hold L2 to see Ayame or Rin with their armor.

See spells during intermission sequences

Equip a spell such as Invisibility or Chameleon before you enter the area where the intermission sequence starts.

Tutorial with Ayame

Hold L1 and select the "Tutorial" option.

Ayame's Dokuto Blades weapon

In Chapter 7.1 or 7.2 of story mode, get to the room across from the Boss battle room to find Ayame's Dokuto Blades weapon. Note: Do not use the shortcut, or this room will be sealed.

Ayame's Fake Rat

Successfully complete Chapter 10-1 or 10-2 with a "Grandmaster" rank in Level Select mode to get Ayame's Fake Rat.

Ayame's Sleeping Gas

Successfully complete Chapter 12-1 or 12-2 with a "Grandmaster" rank in Level Select mode to get Ayame's Sleeping Gas.

Rin's Decoy Whistle

Successfully complete Chapter 11 with an "Assassin" rank in Level Select mode to get Rin's Decoy Whistle.

Rin's Demon Claws weapon

In Chapter 8 of story mode, cross the bridge then move left along the wall. Double jump over to the little outcropping/ledge to find Rin's Demon Claws weapon.

Rin's Fire Spell

Successfully complete Chapter 9 with an "Assassin" rank in Level Select mode to get Rin's Fire Spell.

Easy kills

Have the Ninja Mind Control technique and either Rin's Shadow technique unlocked. With Ayame, have the Mind Control and either Chameleon or Invisibility. When playing, just have the Shadow with Rin or the Chameleon or Invisibility with Ayame. Approach kill range and press Circle. They will not be able to move, but if you bump them, the Mind Control will wear off. Make sure to stay a good distance from them until you are ready to kill them. You could go through the entire stage and paralyze all enemies then just leave them or kill them in any way desired.

Double stealth kills

Although it may seem as there are only two double stealth kills, there are three X2 stealth kills on the ground and two in the air.

Easy scrolls

Use the "Easy kills" trick with the Ninja Mind Control technique. Stay at the limit of the kill range. Your kill range indicator must be off, but if you walk a very short distance forward (R1 or R2 + Up), your kill range indicator will turn on. Then, press quickly Forward + Attack (Up + Square). If you press Attack simultaneously when the kill range indicator turns on, you will perform a super "stealth kill". It is the same as the normal stealth kill, but a golden Kanji symbol will appear around your radar, the animation will be longer (with more details), and you will get one more scroll for each enemy killed with normal stealth kill, and two more scrolls for each enemy killed with double stealth kill. This technique is not easy to learn, but once you are skilled at it you can start to get more scrolls easily.

Special abilities

Collect the indicated number of scrolls in story mode to unlock the corresponding special ability:

    Arrow Block: 250 (Ayame) or 30 (Rin)
    Cheetah Sprint: 150 (Ayame)
    Crescent Moon: 30 (Ayame)
    Crimson: 200 (Rin)
    Crimson Final: 550 (Rin)
    Death Drop: 60 (Rin)
    False Wall: 500 (Ayame)
    Fang Guard: 10 (Rin)
    Hawk Eye: 60 (Ayame) or 150 (Rin)
    Inner Ear: 200 (Ayame)
    Long Claw: 300 (Ayame) or 350 (Rin)
    Mimicry: 500 (Rin)
    Mind Control: 400 (Ayame)
    Numbing Strike: 250 (Rin)
    Shadow: 300 (Rin)
    Sniper: 350 (Ayame) or 450 (Rin)
    Spider's Nest: 450 (Ayame) or 400 (Rin)
    Swift Guard: 100 (Ayame)
    Wall Run: 10 (Ayame) or 100 (Rin)
    Wrath: 550 (Ayame)

Special story mode missions

Allow the following events to occur during story mode to unlock the corresponding special mission:

    Mission 2.1 (Departures): Do not kill all the enemies in Mission 1.

    Mission 2.2 (Determination Kill): Kill all the enemies in Mission 1.

    Mission 6.1 (The Blind Masseuse): Allow at least one enemy to spot you in Mission 5.

    Mission 6.2 (What Lurks in the Shadow): Do not get spotted in Mission 5.

    Mission 7.1 (A Sister's Promise): Get the map in Mission 6.

    Mission 7.2 (For Whom the Bell Tolls): Leave the map in Mission 6.

    Mission 10.1 (Flames of Passion): Allow the samurai to live at the beginning of Mission 9.

    Mission 10.2 (Flames of Sorrow): Kill all three enemies at the start of Mission 9.

    Mission 12.1 (Tenchu Kurenai): Kill Ranzo.

    Mission 12.2 (Tenchu Kurenai): Allow Ranzo to escape.

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