Black Stone: Magic And Steel


Easy money

Select the game file that you want to double the money in. With another controller, load the same game file. There should be two identical characters. Start a level and when it begins, attack "yourself" and collect the the money that is dropped. You actually do not have to spend money again; save your game before every purchase, then repeat the duplicate character loading process to get all your money back.

Alternate heroes

For each class, there are two extra hero skins that can be unlocked. In order to unlock these, you must get an "S" rank on the following stages:

    Extra Archer 1: Stage 6
    Extra Archer 2: Stage 36
    Extra Pirate 1: Stage 13
    Extra Pirate 2: Stage 29
    Extra Thief 1: Stage 15
    Extra Thief 2: Stage 24
    Extra Warlock 1: Stage 10
    Extra Warlock 2: Stage 32
    Extra Warrior 1: Stage 2
    Extra Warrior 2: Stage 40
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