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All options

Collect all items in Survival Collection Mode to unlock all bonus options (including all costumes). Note: There is a second screen in Survival Collection with fifteen items that do not appear until the first screen of fifty one items is completed.

Extra configuration options (Dead Or Alive Ultimate Disc)

Enter "DOA" as your initials to set the "danger bounce" (how high someone will fly when they hit a danger zone). Successfully complete the game with any character to be able to adjust the ring size configurations. Successfully complete time attack mode in less than five minutes to be able to adjust the fighting order.

Play as Bayman

Accumulate a total of ten hours of game play. Alternately, successfully complete story mode with Leon on the normal or higher difficulty setting to unlock Bayman.

Play as Hitomi

Successfully complete story mode with Ein and with a saved game from Dead Or Alive 3 or Dead Or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball on the hard drive to unlock Hitomi.

Play as Raidou (Dead Or Alive Ultimate Disc)

Successfully complete the game with all eight characters to unlock Raidou.

Play as Tengu

Successfully complete story mode with all characters to unlock Tengu.

Alternate costumes

Alternate costumes for all characters except Hitomi, Bayman, and Tengu are unlocked by completing the game in story mode. The difficulty setting determines which costumes are unlocked. To unlock alternate costumes for Hitomi, Bayman, and Tengu, complete the game in time attack mode.

    Ayane: Easy C3 through C7; Normal C8 through C15; Hard C15 through C20.
    Bass: Easy C3 and C4; Normal C5 through C8.
    Bayman: Easy C3 and C4; Normal C5 and C6.
    Gen Fu: Easy C3 and C4; , Normal C5 through C8.
    Hayabusa: Easy C3 and C4; Normal C5 through C9.
    Helena: Easy C3 through C7; Normal C8 through C11; Hard C11 through C13.
    Hitomi: Easy C3 through C7; Normal C8 through C11; Hard C12 through C14.
    Jann Lee: Easy C3 and C4; Normal C5 through C8.
    Kasumi: Easy C3 through C7; Normal C8 through C15; Hard C15 through C20.
    Lei Fang: Easy C3 through C7; Normal C8 through C15; Hard C15 through C20.
    Leon: Easy C3 and C4; Normal C5 through C8.
    Tengu: Easy C3.
    Tina: Easy C3 through C7, Normal C8 through C14; , Hard C15 and C16.
    Zack: Easy C3 and C4; Normal C5 through C8.

Note: Some costumes can be unlocked by completing story mode repeatedly with the same character, without changing the difficulty setting. For example, Tina has a total of 14 costumes that can be unlocked by completing the game each time with her to get a new one. You can also unlock costumes through time attack mode, which you need to use anyway for Tengu, Bayman, and Hitomi. Change the difficulty if the game stops unlocking new costumes. Any girl that has fifteen or more costumes must be set to the hard difficulty setting.

Same costumes in story mode

Highlight the "Story Mode" option and press Start to choose it. Select your character and costume by pressing Start instead of A. When story mode begins, all opponents will wear the same costume as your character. Note: This does not work for all characters and costumes.

Alternate stages

At the stage selection screen, press Black or X when making a choice. Note: Not all stages have alternate versions. The Aerial Gardens, White Storm, and Great Opera stages do have alternate versions.

Alternate hair

At the character selection screen, press X, Y, White or Black when making a choice. Note: Not all characters have more than one hair style.

Collection mode

Enter survival mode for the first time, and pick up items as you defeat them. When you die, collection mode will be unlocked. From now on, any time you pick up items in survival mode they will be viewable in collection mode from the main menu.

CG Gallery

Unlock all alternate costumes to unlock the CG Gallery option.

More bouncing

Set your age to a higher value, such as "99" in the options to increase the amount of bounce the girls have.

Dead Or Alive 3 Booster Disc

Unlock all alternate costumes in the game. This saves a file on your Xbox that will unlock costumes in Dead Or Alive 3, just like the actual booster disc for the game.

Dead Or Alive "Icons" episode

Unlock all alternate costumes.

Player announcements

Successfully complete the exercise sessions in sparring mode with Kasumi, Ayane, Ein, or Tengu to unlock new announcement voices for that character. Additionally, successfully complete the exercise sessions in sparring mode with all characters to unlock Raidou's voice.

Control victory view

During the ending victory sequence, press L or R to rotate the view. Use the Right Analog-stick to move the view up or down.

Control camera with Tina

In Disc 2, when you complete the game with Tina and she is modeling, use L, R, and the Analog-sticks to control the camera in the background.

Slope moves

When your opponent is near a slope (will not work on staircases), press Throw. Your character will do a unique move using the slope, other than just knocking them down the hill. Different characters have different slope moves For example, Jack will ride the opponent down the hill like a snowboard, and Jann Lee will slide down the hill holding the opponent's face to the ground. Some levels that have slopes include White Storm, Safari, and Suspension Bridge.

Hidden FMV sequence for Ayane (Dead Or Alive 2 Ultimate Disc)

This can only be done in Ayane's story mode. When you get to the fight with Kasumi and the snow level (it will always be the snow level when you fight Kasumi), knock/get knocked down into the lower level, the ice cave, and continue fighting there. Win the round with a final blow that will send Kasumi a considerable distance from you (about fifteen feet away from Ayane, QCF + Kick works well). Instead of the usual intermission sequence, Ayane will perform a magic technique and shoot some sort of fireball at the unsuspecting Kasumi.

See Katsumi or Ayane in fireworks

In the fireworks stage, you can see either Katsumi or Ayane in the fireworks. It can take a few minutes to happen.

Collection mode items

The following is a list of all the items in Collection mode. For the final (special) item for each character, you must collect all other items. A second page will then open for each character's special item.

    Ayane: Custard, Ribbon, Ring, Tiara
    Bass: Hunk of Meat, Dumbell, Stars and Stripes, Champion Belt
    Bayman: Knife, Chronograph, Chess Piece, Darts
    Ein: Shuriken, Kunai, Katana, Scroll
    Gen Fu: Red Mahjong Tile, Green Mahjong Tile, White Mahjong Tile, Mahjong Counter
    Hayabusa: Sushi Roll, Egg Sushi, Tuna Sushi, Golden Scarab
    Helena: Perfume, Pearl Oyster, Croissant, Locket
    Hitomi: Milk, Frying Pan, Kettle, Toaster
    Jann Lee: French Fries, Milk Shake, Hamburger, Dragon
    Kasumi: Strawberry, Melon, Cherry Blossom, Cherries
    Leifang: Pancake, Chocolate Cake, Short Cake, Decorated Cake
    Leon: Cactus, Pistol, Tank, Missile
    Tengu: Tree, Mountain, Mt. Fuji, Fan
    Tina: Egg, Chick, Chicken, Roast Chicken
    Zack: Ice Cream Bar, Soft Ice Cream, Double Scoop Ice Cream, Parfait
    Other: Carrot, Lipstick, Bag o' Money, Rice Ball, Prototype Xbox, Medal (earned for 50 wins)
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