James Bond 007: From Russia With Love

Strategy Guide



Bonus missions

Get the indicated number of awards to unlock the corresponding bonus mission:

    Tunnel: 10 awards
    Ruins: 25 awards
    Plaza: 40 awards
    Airport: 60 awards

Formal Dinner suit

In the second level, complete the maze and you will be in Moneypennys office. Before you go to M's room, search the drawer to find the Formal Dinner suit.

Easy ammunition

When searching a file folder or something else and you find ammunition, keep searching it over again to fill up your gun. You can return to the file folder at anytime and do it again.

Easy kills

Sometimes when using Bond Focus, you will see two targets, one for his or her heart or grenade (lower target). If you shoot the lower target, the grenade will fall off and explode in front of the enemy.

Easy skill points

When using Bond Focus, shoot either target to get skill points.

Red Grant Boss battle glitch

In the Boss battle against Red Grant, instead of running around and using each weapon to gradually wear him down, when he goes out of sight behind the boxes momentarily, switch to the Sonic Cufflinks. When he pops out, draw a bead on him and shoot with three cufflinks to immobilize him. While he is frozen, finish him off with any weapon. You can see his health bar disappear very quickly and he will drop to the ground. The game is supposed to automatically revert to an intermission sequence to let you know you are in the next level, but it does not. You can see that he is dead, but his now emptied health bar frame will still remain. You cannot get Bond out of the area. All gates and doors will remain locked, etc.

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