Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball Max'd



Arcade mode cheats

Accumulate the indicated number of experience points in Tournament mode after maxing our your character stats to unlock the corresponding cheat option in Arcade mode. To use the cheats, enter the "My Character" menu, then press White. You can then toggle the unlocked cheats on or off.

    Extra Logos: 10 experience points
    Slow Motion Mode: 20 experience points
    God Mode: 30 experience points

Bronze goggles

Win the 24th tournament to get the bronze goggles.

Silver goggles

Win the 25th tournament to get the silver goggles.

Gold goggles

Win the 26th tournament to get the gold goggles.

Bronze marker

Win the 27th tournament to get the bronze marker.

Silver marker

Win the 28th tournament to get the silver marker.

Gold marker

Win the 29th tournament to get the gold marker.

Finding opponents

Take a moment to look at the overview layout of the field before the game starts. Note where the positions are (20, 30, 40, 50). In game, your teammates will give you vital information on the location of the opponents. Keep an eye on the bottom left of the playing screen to see where they see the opponents.

Dive faster

Have turbo on, then hold L and press B to dive faster.

Duck walk

While playing the game, press Down to crouch. Then, press L + R for one second. If your character snaps and shoots at the same time, release L + R. If your character does not snap, but shoots it was done correctly. Release R, keep L held, and press Up. It should appear that you are crouched, but you can walk and see as if you were standing.

Look out of hip

Note: This trick requires a controller with an auto-fire feature. While playing the game, set X to auto-fire. Hold X until your snap arrow is pointing one way but you snap the opposite way. You should be looking out of your hip (looks normal but you really are).

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