MotoGP has its fans and they love speed! Racing a GP bike is unlike racing any other vehicle. It takes hand and eye coordination, balance and being a little insane helps. You would have to be to do this type of racing. With the new rules in the upcoming race year, it is going to get even wilder. If you have played any of the games in the series, you already know how hard it is to get good lap times. If you have watched a race in person or even on TV, you know what I mean when I say it gets wild. I love speed as well and I love racing Motorcross bikes. However, I would have to think twice before attempting to get on one of these beasts and racing at the speeds they reach.

The mix of speed, agility and danger seemed to work magic for the series. The last game had many reviewers calling it one of the best games out there. I thought it was good but needed a little more in the controls and the graphic area. It looks from the screen shots and early press releases that these two areas have been tweaked in a major way! You're not looking at photographs. They are the real Xbox screen shots. Also new this year the 3-wide starting grid will be in the game. The controls will be fully customizable and easier to use and reach all needed functions during a race. One thing MotoGP always was able to duplicate was the realistic feeling of the high speeds the bikes reach. It looks like this version will even increase that look and feel giving fans the ultimate feeling of speed! The game will also include the complete racing venues of the 2004-2005 season and even special off- road races for those brave enough to try and master.

Of course the game will still feature the different racing angles and those have been tweaked as well. It seems Climax has been hard at work trying to make this one as realistic as possible. They are also including a new mode where you earn money as well as points and can buy parts to add to your bike for the off track races. The details on this mode were not given but it sounds cool. There are also a few questions about if the game will use the same point system to upgrade the rider's attributes. This was another area that could have been better in the last game. I will write an updated preview with the full list of features before the May release of the game. This one is looking great and will also be out for the PS2 and PC as well. For now take a look at the fantastic screen shots and really look at the details of the bikes and tracks.

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System: X, PS2 & PC
Dev: Climax
Pub: THQ
Release: May 2005
Players: 1-16
Preview By Chris