Visually NCAA looks great and runs as smooth as last years MVP 05. In fact, I'd say there is more realism involved in NCAA because the parks in NCAA are much less graphics hogs than the professional stadiums. This allowed EA to bump up the realism in terms of backgrounds and other details. The commentary provided by Kyle Peterson and ESPN NCAA's Mike Patrick who does a admirable job in this game even though he's extremely limited due to the lack of licensed players. Unfortunately though that's about where the awesomeness of the presentation ends. EA seemed to cut corners on the overall presentation of the game and it seems to be missing the visceral thrill of an exciting sports event. It's just a little more lowkey than I was expecting.

Taking the game online via the Xbox or PS2 is a snap. EA introduced their Online Everywhere feature which is more of a big deal to PS2 owners as XBL subscribers have had features like this for years now. Online Everywhere allows PS2 players to keep informed of happenings, games, friends while playing NCAA offline. Playing online is quite smooth although everyonce in awhile you'll experience lag. I played a few games where lag was ever-present and since I didn't want to bow out of a game - as the game stats track that - I simply had to adjust my timing. It was hard to adjust to and I lost big time, but I didn't quit!

The $29.99 price point will certainly be an attractive feature to many baseball fans who might not be all that excited about playing a college baseball game. If all of the enhancements are taken into consideration though, NCAA is a must play game. Much like you, I wish this was an official MLB game - which would definitely make it one of the best baseball games ever released - but it's still a great game of ball no matter how you look at it.


  • EA SPORTS™ Load and Fire Batting System
    Change the way you approach hitting in a video game. Finally, you will have countless options—and complete control—in the batter’s box.
  • Creation Zone
    Personalize your NCAA experience by creating your own university from the ground up. An enhanced Create Ballpark feature allows you to customize your park’s wall dimensions, field surface and setting. A deeper Create-a-Player features face and body morphing that creates endless possibilities.
  • The Road to Omaha
    Featuring an exclusive NCAA Baseball license with the top universities and conferences, plus authentic ballparks including Rosenblatt Stadium, home of the NCAA Championship.
  • ESPN Runs Live
    Up-to-the-minute updates from ESPN Radio and the ESPN ticker keep you completely up to date in the world of sports.
  • NCAA Dynasty
    Build a college dynasty with year-round recruiting and NCAA Challenges that let you upgrade facilities, equipment and earn the respect of recruits.
  • Broadcast Style Presentation
    See MVP Baseball like never before with new visual enhancements, the top ESPN announcers, Mike Patrick and Kyle Peterson, and a television-style presentation.
  • Precision Throw Control
    Gun down runners at home or make an easy toss to first as you control the power and accuracy of your throws with the right analog stick.
  • NCAA or Summer Rules
    You have the option to use NCAA Rules or Summer Rules (professional rules) or a hybrid of the two in MVP™ 06 NCAA® Basbeall.

By Vaughn Smith
CCC Site Director

Rating out of 5
MVP 06 NCAA Baseball (Xbox)
A great looking game of baseball in terms of animation, players faces etc.
The new analog control schemes are great but not without certain problems.
Music / Sound FX / Voice Acting
Good commentary if not overly generic at times due to lack of NCAA license. A little hush hush in terms of excitement.
Play Value
Offline or online, MVP is a great playing game that once you get into, you'll be hooked.
Overall Rating - Great
Not an average. See Rating legend above for a final score breakdown.

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