The concept of time travel has been a sci fi staple since H. G. Wells wrote The Time Machine during the 19th century. Who hasn't wanted to manipulate time for their own gain? Would you go into the future and check winning lottery numbers or would you go back in the past and stop your mom from marrying that creepy Crispin Glover? I guess if you were Crispin's kid, we'd sort of know your choice, but that might mean ceasing to exist in the present - which still isn't a bad alternative considering your dad is Crispin Glover.

Anyway, Saber Interactive is working hard (we're assuming this as we can't actually see them) on Timeshift, a FPS with a time twist that sets it apart from all of the other FPS on the market. Actually we don't care if it's all that different from other shooters, as long as it strives not to suck like Blinx the Time Cat 1 & 2.

In Timeshift your character will be able to stop, slow and rewind time. This allows Saber to sprinkle the enviroments with all sorts of delightful headscratchers (ie: puzzles) that the player will have to solve using their powers to manipulate time and space. For example, during one level you might come across effiminate fitness guru Richard Simmons, lying unconscious in a pool of raspberry yogurt wearing nothing but a party hat and you'll want to rewind time so that you can return home and pick up your digitial camera. Please note the previous scenario may not be featured in the finished product.


As you might discern, you can't just use your powers of time all willy-nilly like (until you get your hands on an "infinite time" cheat code courtesy of CCCP). Saber explains that the ability to screw with time will involved the use of "cells". One cell to slow time, two to stop time, and three to rewind time. The "cells" will recharge over time so you won't be able to rely on your powers to get out of fighting bad dudes. Consequently Saber hinted that during the second half of the game, something will be introduced that will significantly alter the way you approach enemies. Please be Richard Simmons!! Please be Richard Simmons!!!

Visually Timeshift is looking extremely promising right now, so at the very least you'll have a pretty game to look at. Stay tuned until E3 when we expect to unearth a few more details.

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System: XBOX
Dev: Saber Interactive
Pub: Atari
Released: Oct 2005
Players: 1- Multi Online
Preview By Vaughn