Stubbs The Zombie In Rebel Without A Pulse

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Random message

Enter ".fortune" (note the period character) as a profile name. As soon as you enter the last letter of the name, a random message will appear. Every time you enter this name, you will get a different message. ".fortune" is a reference to a feature on the Linux/Unix operating system.

Bonus sequences

Play the Stubbs vs. Chief Masters Dance Battle and get a "Perfect" rating in all rounds (including the bonus one) to see a bonus sequence with a hovering limousine. Additionally, on the farm level in the first big barn there are three levels. You can drop to the bottom without dying. Kill all the people, then find a door with an American flag. After you kill all the people, you will see a bonus sequence of Stubbs "rallying the troops".

Developer commentary

Collect the hidden hippo heads in Insane mode to hear a developer commentary track.

Fall through walls

While you are eating someone's brain from behind them, if they are close up to a wall facing it, sometimes they will fall forward through the wall and disappear. If you are not close up to the wall, you can still see their legs. When they get up as zombies, they will be pushed back through the wall onto the floor where they should have fallen. This also works with solid objects such as barriers, fences, etc.

Stretchy body

When someone dies on an edge (for example, the edge of a cliff) with a part of their body hanging over, that part of the body will stretch and ooze down to a certain length and remain there.

Funny hand gesture

When you throw your hand, occasionally it will put its middle finger up to you. This also happens when you jump as the hand.

Funny comments

Sometimes people will say funny things, such as:

    "You're gonna die! Again..."
    "Let me give you a hand!"
    "I loved that arm!" (cry)
    "Aw, my mother gave me that arm!"
    "I see a Zombie."
    "Have some punch!"
    "Why did I choose science? I could've been a talk show host!"
    "I'll show you hard science!"
    "Forget science! Kill! Kill! Kill!"
    "Not the face!"
    "My beautiful mind!"
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