Nine Inch Nails: All That Could Have Been


Hidden trailer

Insert Disc 2, enter the supplemental content screen, then highlight the "Main Menu" option. Press Left, Up and then Enter to view a hidden trailer. -From:

Hidden concert footage

Play the "Star****ers" video. During the middle section, the camera will pan to the side of the stage, where Marilyn Manson is standing. Press Enter at that moment to see footage of a concert where they performed together. Note: The shot of Marilyn Manson is only one frame and difficult to find. However, you can advance directly to that frame by going to time index 4:13 (DTS version). -From:

Alternate camera angle for "Gave Up"

Repeatedly press Enter during the start of the song to switch to a camera angle from the crowd.


Insert Disc 2 and play the video for "Suck". Advance to time index 1:06 then press Up, Enter. -From:

"The Day The World Went Away"

Insert Disc 2, advance to time index 16:15 (between "Head Like A Hole" and "Just Like You Imagined"), then press Left, Right, Down, Up, Enter. -From:

Hidden song menu

Insert Disc 2 and play "Head Like A Hole". Press 7 followed by Enter at time index 11:20. A hidden menu will appear, with options to watch "Reptile" live, the video for "The Day The World Went Away", the commercials for "Ninetynine", "The Fragile", and "Things Falling Apart", and Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson doing part of "Starfuckers" and "Beautiful People" live in New York at Madison Square Garden. -From:

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