Terminator 2: Judgment Day


Dolby Digital segment

Enter the "Theatrical Trailers" screen from the main menu and select the "Coming Attractions" option to view a Dolby Digital segment lasting 1:28. Alternatively, play Title 4.

Japanese trailers

At the theatrical and teaser trailer screen, press Left, Down to highlight the lower left icon, then press the "OK" button. Five different Japanese trailers from the movie will play. When playing the movie on a DVD-ROM drive, move the pointer to the lower left corner until you see the green box in the lower left highlighted. Click on the box to view the trailers.

Bonus scenes (The Ultimate Edition)

Play Side A of the disc, and select the "Special Edition" option at the main menu. Enter 8, 29, 97 at the special edition screen. Note: Some remote controls require the +10 button to be used to enter the numbers, other DVD players will need to have Enter pressed after each individual digit. Two extra scenes will appear during the special edition version of the movie.

Pop up surprises (The Ultimate Edition)

Play Side B of the disc, and remain at the main menu without pressing anything. Some neat little surprises will pop up on screen.

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