Best Fighting Winner 2013

Built on the success of the hit Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, we find Injustice: Gods Among Us illustrating how much fun a true DC fighter can be. With the Mortal Kombat fighting mechanic at its core, Injustice draws from the huge mythology of the DC comics (as we get to see how our favorite heroes would fare as uber-villains in an alternate universe). An interesting story mode, familiar characters and tight controls make for one solid fighter.

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Divekick Box Art

OK, this might seem like a spoof entry, but it’s not. A fighting game that uses only two buttons -- dive and (you guessed it) kick -- takes second in this year’s category. Starting as a joke by Adam “Keits” Heart (that later got serious backing from Iron Galaxy Studios), Divekick is in reference to the low-skilled attacks of inexperienced Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat players. Although the gameplay is simplistic, there is still fun to be had. The characters are parodies from other popular fighting series, and the gameplay is akin to a sort of cat and mouse competition of who will “out divekick” their opponent.

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