Best Independent Winner 2013

What do you get when you combine a graphic novel about classic fairytale characters living in the lower-east side of New York with a great developer like Telltale? Either a weird acid trip, or The Wolf Among Us! If you’re interested in a more leisurely, literary experience, then a game like Wolf is right up your alley. With a compelling narrative and interesting visuals, just a few minutes of this will have you believing you’ve stepped foot inside the comic.

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Rain Box Art

With Rain, you get very little for your money. You get no dialog, no backstory and no real sense of who these characters are. The good news is, that’s the best part! In this surreal game, the characters themselves (known only as the “boy” and the “girl”) are seen only as shapes in the rain. The story is laid out in a completely unconventional way, with the music more than making up for what’s lacking in the VO department. Also, you’d think that a game revolving around rainy-grey environments wouldn’t be that visually impressive, but somehow this great little indie title pulls it off.

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