Best Sports Winner 2013

With FIFA 14, EA brings us a simple yet fun soccer sim that even those who don’t have a working knowledge of the sport can pick up and enjoy. The streamlined controls and the entertaining gameplay should satisfy both the casual fan and the die hards. FIFA 14 also boasts impressive visuals, showcasing smooth animations and HD graphics (we’re talkin’ Sports Center quality here) as you kick your blazing goals down the field. GOOOOAAAALLL!

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Madden NFL 25 Box Art
Madden NFL 25

The Madden franchise can undoubtedly be seen as a fine wine in the gaming cellar, as this series only gets better with age. Madden 25 takes everything that is awesome about this football legend and ups the ante on both the current and next-gen. With a myriad of team options, ridiculously lifelike visuals and hairpin controls, this may be as close as you’ll ever get to playing with a real pig skin without going outside.

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