Best Casual Winner 2014

The LEGO series has literally given the gaming community thousands upon thousands of fun, block-busting hours of excitement. While the first two entries starring Batman have both garnered great reviews, Beyond Gotham may very well be the best yet! The extra content alone is enough to justify the price of admission, as getting to hop around in the Adam West Batsuit from the ‘60s TV series (not to mention the Dark Knight DLC paying tribute to the Christopher Nolan films) is all kinds of fun! Also, it features a jam-packed roster of characters who’ll accompany you on your trek into the furthest reaches of space. Simply putting the name Batman in the title almost doesn’t do this hit justice.

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Fantasy Life Box Art
Fantasy Life

Fantasy Life for the 3DS is a wonderful escape from the rigors of our normal gaming exploits. Of course I realize games themselves are intended as an escape first and foremost, we all know titles can become a bit over-complicated at times (to where dealing with reality is often less stressful). This colorful world of princesses, butterflies, wishes, and Doomstones is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to casual and relaxing entertainment. Now all it needs is a Life Class option along the lines of “overly-mellow game journalists” and I’ll be completely content.

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