Best Graphics Winner 2014

You know that old argument that better graphics don’t make for a better game? While CheatCC isn’t suggesting that’s untrue, we are saying pretty HD visuals certainly don’t hurt things in this day and age. Speaking of which, we simply can’t stop looking at some of the beautifully rendered environments found throughout Destiny’s massive universe. The varied locales sport dynamic lighting and textures that really pop (but not in the bad way which requires patching). In short, it’s like taking a space vacation a la Total Recall. Venusville, here I come.

Check out our full review if you’re still not convinced.

Far Cry 4 Box Art
Far Cry 4

With an endless amount of shooters flooding the FPS market over the last decade or so, it does seem like they all start to run together after a while. I mean how many times can we see the same hand position holding a rifle before it all just becomes one big blur. Well let me tell you, my friends, Far Cry 4 breaks the mold. This game is equal parts open-world action and lovely eye candy, which is a combination not often found in an FPS. Those adventurous types will even find plenty of side exploits to keep them busy, which rivals even that of a GTA V. I’ve seen videos of everything from explosive kick-the-can to clay bear shooting. Yes, I said clay bear shooting (YouTube it sometime).

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