Best Handheld Game Winner 2014

It’s hard to imagine an awards list where Pokémon doesn’t make an appearance in the top two or three of the portables category. Here it grabs the brass ring, as Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire could be the biggest experiences you’ll find tucked inside such a small package. It adds a ton of modern style and convenience to the fan favorite Ruby and Sapphire games of old, along with a new post-game scenario that features some of the most epic battles in Pokémon history. You can even catch nearly any Legendary Pokemon you can think of. It's pretty much all the Pokémon you can handle!

Check out our full review if you’re still not convinced.

Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS Box Art

There is nothing better than having a mobile dose of Super Smash Bros. right in your pocket whenever you need it. The stereoscopic 3D is by far the most endearing reason to pick up a second copy of this awesome fighter. Taking full advantage of the pseudo-3D presentation is what makes this experience so great, but don’t forget you can always flip on the cell shading option for additional clarity.

Check out our full review if you’re still not convinced.

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