Best Male Character Winner 2014

I remember watching the reveal trailer of Far Cry 4 with my mouth draped open. Not because of how beautiful the game looked or because I was so blown away by this feature or that. Mostly it was due to how absolutely psychotic our antagonist Pagan Min seemed to be. Just watching him take a small blade to the neck of his own solider (and then proceeding to have a completely calm conversion while covered in blood) was enough to both shock and capture my curiosity at the same time. This guy is, if nothing else, an interesting character.

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Delsin Rowe in inFAMOUS: Second Son Box Art

It’s easy to feel a kinship to a character like Delsin Rowe, as you’re not just a passive observer who’s button-mashing their way through his exploits. You not only harness the very environment around him (using Delsin as a conductor of sorts), but the choices you make directly affect his path and can weigh on your conscience at times. Sometimes I’d wonder if I made the right call or whether I'd make the same decisions if I did it over again. But hey, that’s the fun of Infamous Second Son, right?

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