Most Anticipated 2014 Winner 2014

I’m going to resist making references about the new Metal Gear Solid giving fans “phantom pains,” as that joke is beneath even me. You have to admit it’s not far off, though. This game has many long-time fans of the series waiting with such bated breath that they could very well suffocate during the soul-crushingly long wait before it finally arrives. Plus, with Ground Zeroes being criticized across the board due to its unexpectedly short story mode, Metal Gear 5 can’t arrive quickly enough for some.

Check out our full preview if you’re still not convinced.

Batman: Arkham Knight

I don’t think I’m alone in suggesting the Arkham series is not only one of the best Batman runs ever, but one of the greatest gaming franchises of the last decade. With multiple “Game of the Year” awards under its belt for sequels like Arkham City, the upcoming Arkham Knight promises to close out this epic trilogy (not counting Origins) with a huge bang. A next-gen version of Gotham combined with a bad-ass Batmobile only scratches the surface as to why we’ll all be lined up come launch time this June.

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