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Best Nintendo Game Winner 2014

The Wii U has struggled in 2014, with its tumultuous history being well documented by myself and others at the site. That is why the arrival of Super Smash Bros. on the console last month was akin to a knight in shining armor galloping to the rescue. This game was so phenomenal, it actually saw the system receive a much needed sales bump. Any title which can move the sales needled on the hardware front HAS to receive top billing in our book.

Check out our full review if you’re still not convinced.

Mario Kart 8 Box Art
Mario Kart 8

Clocking in at a close second is Mario Kart 8. Say what you will about Nintendo, but at least they know how to dance with the one that brought ‘em. To date, third-party success has not been all that great on the Wii U. First party business? Luckily that’s still boomin’. It seems all Wii fans want to see are repeated releases featuring more Mario, more Zelda, more…more…more! Mario Kart is enjoyable almost to an obscene extent.

Find out more in our full review.

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