Best RPG Winner 2014

The name of the game with Dragon Age: Inquisition is exploration, as its expansive open word provides more than a few opportunities for distraction. All around, this game is a great example of a total package. The stunning environments, wonderful combat system and character-driven narratives are the stuff that other RPGs should really be taking notes on. Oh…and there are plenty of actual dragon fights this time around. Don’t forget that part.

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Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Box Art

If you’re a 'Rings fan looking for a game that plunges you deep into the world of Middle-Earth, Shadow of Mordor is an absolute must-play. Here you assume the role of an undead Ranger, hell-bent on enacting his revenge against the dark forces of Sauron responsible for taking his life and that of his family. The ancient runes you collect provide a nice upgrade system, offering several interesting prospects for combining abilities. The AI is also smart and will remember you from previous encounters, cowering at your approach if you're particularly bad-ass. It drips Tolkien and screams fun.

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