Best Sports Winner 2014

NBA 2K15 wins best sports titles this year for a number of reasons. While it goes without saying this is the most accurate basketball sim you’re going to find on the market, the face-scanning feature was a particularly nice touch. Seeing a digitized version of my mug running up and down the hardwood extended the life of this game by at least a good six months for me.

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Madden NFL 15 Box Art
Madden NFL 15

What can we say about another year of Madden? Even though we didn’t crown it “best of,” we obviously have much love for the absolute best football franchise ever made. This year’s rendition refocused on the a new risk/reward tackle system that forces players to reevaluate whether they should play things safe on the gridiron or be bold and chance the big turnovers. In short, it’s another solid Madden as we’ve always come to expect.

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