Best Xbox Game Winner 2014

Sunset Overdrive doesn’t try to impress you with the most epic graphics you’ve ever witnessed or a deeply-entrenched storyline. What it does do is hand you a gun and throw everything including the kitchen sink at you as you attempt to blast your way through waves of energy-drink-monsters gone wrong. The rail-grinding mechanic provides a fun way to traverse the world with ease, combined with wall-running parkour and zip-lining action. It keeps the motion flowing fast and furious, smoothly transitioning from one fun-filled area to the next. It’s a high-energy approach other developers should be taking notes on.

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Titanfall Box Art

In many ways, Titanfall can be seen as the shooter which came along and attempted to fill the gap left behind by titles such as Halo and Gears of War. Before Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare showed up with its fancy new gadgets and futuristic weapons, this title was how frag-fans could get down while enjoying a nice little sci-fi twist. If you’re tired of the same old wash, rinse, repeat methodology of other mainstays currently on the market, we’d suggest giving Titanfall a whirl.

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