'Twas the day after Thanksgiving and all through the store, all the wallets were empty, as shoppers yelled more, more, more! Every year, it becomes harder and harder to decide what to spend your hard-earned holiday cash on, especially with the choices seeming almost endless. Luckily, Cheat Code Central is here once again to help you wade through the madness and find that special someone in your life a killer gift. We're talkin' gaming to tech, gadgets to toys and beyond! So pull up your stockings and pound that eggnog boys and girls, 'cause you're gonna need it!

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Is Predator: Hunting Grounds Already Losing Steam?

Despite a rough start, will more fans show up for Predator: Hunting Grounds?

Should Assassin’s Creed Drop the Sci-Fi Gimmick?

Assassin's Creed's Sci-Fi storytelling has grown a bit too messy over the years.

Sega Reveals Game Gear Micro, CoD Seasons Postponed

Delays intended to help boost black voices are spreading throughout the games industry.

Top 5 Game Characters Who Died Too Soon

Unfortunately, some developers feel a need to kill off beloved characters. It's sad, but true. These are five people that should have lived.

5 Signs You’re Addicted to Your MMO

What happens when a MMO stops being fun and starts being hazardous to a player's health? Is World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV's hold too strong? These five signs may mean it's time to log off.

Why Do We Love Watching Live Streamers?

Some people think streaming is silly. Here are some things they might consider.

Are You Addicted to Your MMO?

MMORPGs can be an immense amount of fun and I am a cheerleader for the genre. But its hooks can get in pretty deep for some people. Here are some potential reasons why.

PS5 Reveal Delayed, Mystery NES Game Reconstructed

Sometimes video games need to wait.

Xbox Live - June Games with Gold

June's 2020 Games with Gold lineup for Xbox includes Pirate's Curse, Destroy All Humans and more!

Change.org’s Viral EA Petition (Amanda Mustafic Interview)

We spoke with the folks at Change.org about a peculiar petition from Star Wars Battlefront II fans.

Street Fighter Gets Final Season, PS5 Reveal Coming Soon?

It looks like we're getting ready to give Street Fighter V a proper sendoff.

Holy Consoles Batman! Why We Need More Dark Knight

People can't get enough of Batman games. Gamers even cling to various Dark Knight rumors. Why?

Sony Gives a Freebie, More Last of Us Gameplay Footage

Is Sony Planning a Surprise for PS Plus in June?

Marvel’s Iron Man VR - Gameplay Trailer

Join the PlayStation Underground crew for a look into the demo, available on PlayStation Store for free!

Video Game Mods Are Important (And Here's Why)

Modding has been around for decades and has been boosting the hobby the whole time.

GTA Reaches Milestone, New Game Plus is Latest E3 Alternative

Gamers won a small victory against Denuvo this week.

The Most Popular Games (You're Playin' During Quarantine)

What games were the most popular in the United States during peak quarantine?

The Ugly Side of "Free" Games

Free isn't bad. It's great! And it makes gaming more accessible! But it does have an ugly side.

Will Evo Online Change Fighting Game Events Forever?

Will Evo Online force fighting game devs to adjust their future strategies?

Paper Mario Comes to Switch, Gamescom Goes Online

Nintendo is firing from the hip, and Ubisoft is firing its lawyer lasers.

Mortal Kombat 11 - Aftermath Official Trailer

Dive into the fighting styles of new kombatants Fujin, Sheeva, and Robocop in the official gameplay trailer.

Unreal Engine 5 Revealed, Mafia Getting Compilation Package

Mafia is back! So is Tony Hawk! Also, video games are about to get fancier.

How Tony Hawk Skated Right Into Gamers' Hearts

The first Tony Hawk Pro Skater games were cultural icons. What can we expect from their remasters?

Is Epic Games Making Game Development Better?

Epic Games is on a mission to make a lasting impact in game development.
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