Spelunky 2
Systems: PlayStation 4, PC
Release Date: TBA
Developer: Mossmouth, BlitWorks
Publisher: Mossmouth

Spelunky was this amazing game that sent a fragile explorer into a randomly generated cave in search of treasure and the end. It was different every time, but always challenging.

Now, we know that even more caverns await with the last spelunker’s daughter heading out on her own explorations. We can’t wait to delve into the darkness and see what new treasures and traps await us underground!

Super Meat Boy Forever
Systems: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, iOS, Android
Release Date: 2018
Developer: Team Meat
Publisher: Team Meat

Dr. Fetus just doesn’t give up! This time, Meat Boy and Bandage Girl’s baby, Nugget, has been kidnapped. Players will go through randomly generated levels using the characters, who are constantly running forward.

You need to know exactly which moves to use, like jumps, punches, and slides, to pass every challenge and reach little Nugget! Don’t worry about the difficulty, as the game watches your performance and adjusts accordingly.

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