We all know waiting in line for something sucks, but when you're waiting in line really sucks! Of course it doesn't suck that much if you're camped out in anticipation of nabbing the first next gen console bright and early in the morning!

CCC helps out Hurricane Katrina survivors with some awesome new CCC shirts, which made them forget about all of their troubles. Or maybe not.

Since we know everyone loves free stuff, Dave sent out CCC Gamer Chicks, Marsha and Carly to scope out the "sitch" (situation, for those unhip to my cool lingo, man) who happened on numerous gaggles of cold and hungry gamer nerds (kidding!) anxiously awaiting the arrival of their big heavy bundle of Microsoft joy somewhere in the cold climate of Colorado.

Careful with those sleeping bags gentlemen, there's wicked Taco Bell farts lurking within them!

As you can see from the pix, these folks couldn't be happier to get their hands on our free CCC merchandise! Some of those in line admitted that they weren't even there for the Xbox 360, but had in fact camped out in their sleeping bags overnight just in case someone from Cheat Code Central arrived to hand out CCC t-shirts! Talk about lucky! I mean, what are the odds?

"Say girls, me and Billy-Joe-Bob-Willy are going to wait in line overnight, outside, in the cold, for a video game system. We're going to play Uno. Care to join us? YOU WILL? REALLY? Umm.... Then can I ask what's wrong with you pretty ladies?"

Oddly enough we didn't see the competition handing out free t-shirts, so therefore we can only surmise that these game sites have become all "corporationy" , filled with suits who know nothing of what it's like to be a gamer on the front lines these days. They just don't feel the love for the average gamer on the street like CCC does.

Upon closer inspection, the face of Jesus hadn't appeared on the CCC T-shirt, it was only a large stain caused by Larry's incessant drooling.

Not only did these lucky gamers manage to get their hands on the Xbox 360 just hours later as well as free CCC shirts, but they also learned where to get the codes they so desire for the favorite X360 games! What a great night these people had!

So remember, no matter where you live, who you are or what size shirt you wear, CCC is always on the prowl looking to give away cool free merchandise! You could be next!

By Vaughn