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know that every gamer has his or her own favorite genre. Some like shooters, some are into sports, some like puzzle games, others like action or adventure... Gaming has become so diverse that no matter what you're particular gaming tastes, you should be able to find a genre that suits you.

Giving out awards based on Genre allows us to spotlight the best of the best of our favorite titles. These games might often appear on different systems. In most cases we don't differentiate between which one we think is the best out of the Xbox, PS2, GC or PC version. You can read the reviews for each game featured in our Best and Worst of 2005 and you can be rest assured that even if the review is for the Xbox (for example) the game will be usually just as good on other systems.

So without another wasted moment, select a genre and check out our favorite Action, RPG, Fighting & Sports games (to name a few) of 2005!