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BEST CHEATS - Grand Theft Auto: LIberty City Stories
We're the world's greatest cheat site and therefore we should acknowledge Rockstar's efforts for giving gamers what they want! They load their games chock full of cool pushbutton codes that inspire all kinds of experimentation therefore increasing the replay factor. They also encourage responsible gaming - making sure you play the game as intended before cheating - by punishing you with corrupted save files if you attempt to beat the system. We think Rockstar is tops for their dedication to the culture of codes!

BEST VISUALS - Dead Or Alive 4
That expensive new Xbox 360 that you waited overnight for finally paid off when you got a gander at Team Ninja's latest Tour de Force. Dead Or Alive 4 sports the best looking graphics we've ever seen in a game to date. We've actually swam in water that didn't look as realistic nor as inviting as the pools of liquid in this game. Not to mention that the DOA babes are also easy on the eyes. We were under the impression that fighting in G-strings and unsupportive upper garments would be uncomfortable for the women of DOA, but apparently we have been grossly mistaken.

MOST PRETENTIOUS GAME TITLE - Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game Of The Movie
Give me a break. Yeah, we get it no need to insult our intelligence. Our only wish is that they make a movie based on the game and then another game based on that movie and they call it: Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game Of The Movie: The Movie - The Official Game Of The Movie. It would have to come on two discs just so the title could be written on it.

Of course if Kong himself wanted the title that way, do you think anyone would have argued with him? Q. What do you let a 25 foot tall gorilla call his official video game adaptation? A. Anything he wants!

He's not only got the most posts but he's also a MOD and he's quickly on his way to the next mystery ranking...what will it be? He's part of our great team of Mods - Cdogg, Rael, phreedumb ringer, Acer, Joe0110, stealthmaster, Devoslack & bladebound. I strongly encourage you to check out the greatest group of forum members in the history of forums. Seriously. We're almost 10,000 strong and growing every day. These members WON'T flame, spam, troll or call you names. They are extremely friendly and welcoming and trust me when I say, you'll enjoy their company as much as they enjoy yours! Now go there now and become an active member. Oh did I mention that you can win prizes for posting on the boards?

We first previewed this game back in 2002 (it might have even been 2001) and it finally saw the light of day in late 2005. We were beginning to wonder if it was ever going to come out. Often times when games are delayed and delayed some more, that could spell problems for the final product, however we're happy to report that Lionhead Studios produced a compelling game jam-packed with features and playability. CCC even nomimated The Movies for PC Game Of The Year.

Frank Castle has never typed LOL in an e-mail. Ever. That's how tough he is. His first appearance in Marvel's Amazing Spider-Man #129 in 1974 (32 years ago!) only hinted at the avenging avenger of vengeance that he would become in the early 90's and he remains that way today. Although Mssr. Castle has appeared in a number of video games over the years, none of them have captured the essence of the character until Volition took matters into their own hands. The Punisher game featured numerous creative ways to shuffle bad guys off this mortal coil and
we enjoyed trying everyone of them. No character in 2005 kicked as much ass on the small screen as Marvel's most violent vigilante did. In any event, in case he found out about our overdue parking tickets, we decided to simply snail mail his award. No sense taking unecessary risks, you know. That dude can be quite the stickler when it comes to the law....

Paying for online only sucks because paying for things sucks. However when you pay for something and it eliminates all sorts of pain and suffering, agony and frustration, it's worth the money. Microsoft's Xbox Live Gold service is the current standard when it comes to playing online. Getting online is a breeze, locating friends is easy, stat tracking is painless and the servers you play on are state of the art. The ability do download demos and trailers directly to your HD is brilliant, but we really don't think much of the Marketplace idea. In fact, we think it's a rip off. Paying for new game content isn't a bad thing - as long as it's worthwhile such as entirely new collection of levels etc. Paying for a new costume or weapon is ludicrous as that's something that should be free to the gamer as a cheat or a bonus. Don't make us pay for bonus content. That's just cheap. Here's hoping Sony gets it together and creates something equally as appealing and painless for taking the PS3 online later this year.

Spoilers! Don't read ahead if you plan to play SotC. How does ALL boss battles sound to you? That's what SotC was: 16 huge boss battles with the largest bosses ever assembled for a video game. Not only were the battles intense and challenging, but extremely satisfying once you get the big lumbering brutes to crash to the ground. If that wasn't enough - the developers later messed with your head and gave you perhaps the world's first guilt complex in a videogame. When a game is able to make an emotional impact on you like that, it's easy to begin to understand the evolution games have made within the last decade. If you haven't already played this game...why are reading this part? I told you NOT TO!

The 4 color pages of the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book literally came to life in a creative partnership between Treyarch and Marvel. USM writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Mark Bagley had their fingerprints on almost the entire production and the end result was the best looking comic book game to date. With comic panels and speech bubbles popping up during gameplay it really was like playing an interactive comic book. Unfortunately some of the gameplay wasn't quite up to the standards of the previously released Spider-Man 2 game, but USM managed to set itself apart quite nicely. We're hoping for a sequel in the interim between USM and Spider-Man 3, but fat chance that's going to happen.

Now you can purchase your very own implement of ultimate destruction replica for just 3 easy payments of $19.99! Be the master of disaster with this authentic looking 3/4 size chainsaw faithfully recreated down to the finest detail. Make this exquisite piece a part of your growing macabre collection today! Operators are standing by! Order now! Now that's a salespitch I'd watch with gusto at 2:00 am.... I guess Resident Evil 4 isn't violent this bloodspattered controller should do the trick nicely, eh? We don't know of anyone who bought this and it wasn't sent to us for we're only basing our award on pure looks as we have no clue as to whether it actually works well. But how could it not? It's just so darned cute! C'mere you little chainsaw wainsaw you....giggle...tee hee...

In January 2005 participating Blockbuster Video stores stopped charging late fees. While the program was initially confusing, renters soon figured out they could keep a game or a movie for a month and only pay the regular price for the rental as well as a $1.75 "restocking" fee when they finally returned it. For some of you this meant you could really get some mileage out of a rental; for others it meant you had to start renting at the place down the street because Blockbuster didn't have any decent games or movies any more. Quietly some of the Blockbusters went back to charging late fees (In certain stores in the US) so be sure to inquire as to whether your local Blockbuster is still participating in the "No Late Fees" program before you kidnap DOA4 for the next month and wind up with a late fee that'll wipe that game-hogging grin clean off of your greedy little face.