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f there is one thing that gamers always have to have, it's a new system. New systems are great. They smell great. They look great. They even sometimes play great. Sometimes. When you get them home you look at your old systems with disdain as if to say "Well, I won't be needing you any longer you lousy piece of crap." How quickly we turn against our allies. Unfortunately everyone seems to forget that new systems always follow a predictable pattern:

  • Launch software - some good, some bad, some terrible
  • No more new software on the horizon for months
  • Boredom sets in
  • You try and "make up" with your old systems as new games are still coming out for that. In droves.
  • Now your new system is sitting there like the odd man out, wondering when someone is going to play with it.

Every system available today has its share of strengths and weaknesses. Go on any forum board and you'll find people willing to literally fight to the death defending their favorite systems. What we can't argue with is the fact that each system in 2005 saw it's share of incredible games.

The games found in our System Awards are typically only exclusive titles available for that system. If you are looking for awards for games that appear on a few systems, you will want to peruse our Genre awards. But don't be silly...aren't you curious to see what we think the best games are for your favorite systems? Of course you do!