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Genre Awards: Best Action Game of 2006

Saints Row review

Saints Row - X360

It might follow the Grand Theft Auto formula, but like a gangsta version of pop-chef Emeril, Saints Row takes it up a notch - BAM! - with user-created characters, vehicle customization, beautiful high res visuals, excellent voice-acting, well-implemented targetting system and the coup de grace, online multiplayer mayhem. Pay a visit to Saints Row if even just to get an inkling of things to come in the non-linear action genre.

Gears of War - X360

Oh the hype for GoW was exciteful, and the game was so delightful.... Aside from Zelda, no other game had as much hype levelled at it than Epic's Gears of War - and deservedly so. Marcus Fenix brought his BFG and definitely came to play. We loved the intense run & gun, take cover action, not to mention the smokingest visuals yet seen on the Xbox 360. When we played this, more than one editor was heard to exclaim "PS3 who?"
Gears of War review
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories review

GTA: Vice City Stories - PSP

Oops, they did it again. Rockstar shot through your heart, you got lost in the game... oh baby, baby! Ah, it wouldn't be 2006 without a Britney reference. Sure VCS follows a familiar formula but we tend to ignore such things considering it's such an awesome winning formula. More GTA is never a bad thing unless you're one of those jaded 12 year old morons who hang out on those "other" forums. Vice City rocks. No doubt.

Splinter Cell: Double Agent - Xbox

Sam Fisher was back in black for double the trouble this year with a two kick-arse adventures on the current gen and next gen consoles. We actually preferred the current gen Xbox version more for its tighter overall gameplay package over the fancy high res visuals of the X360. If you haven't sneaked a mile in Sam's shoes, you might want to get on that as soon as possible. Just remember to turn off those 3 bright green lights Sam is known for... they'll get you killed.
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent review
Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops review

MGS: Portable Ops - PSP

Hit the deck...this ain't no strategic card playing Metal Gear adventure like those awkward Ac!d games. PSP fans had their wish granted when Kojima Productions and Konami rolled out the red carpet for a real portable Metal Gear title. Portable Ops plays like a dream - a dream where you get to kill lots of bad guys - and its appearance on the PSP is very welcome at this stage. Solid Snake just called you a wimp, better play this one prove him wrong!


Adventure Game of the Year

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