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Genre Awards: Best FPS Game of 2006

Call of Duty 3 review

Call of Duty 3 - X360

WWII continues to be the war of choice for millions of gamers everywhere and it's no surprise that CoD3 topped their lists of "must play" FPS games in 2006. While the CoD3 formula was intact, developers Treyarch mixed it up a little bit by allowing more countries to get onto the battlefield. If intense action is your cup of tea, CoD3 is a trench you should find yourself in.

Resistance: Fall of Man - PS3

Q. What do you call someone who played "Resistance: Fall of Man"?
A. Someone with an eBay account and a lot of spare cash.
That being said if you DID get a chance to play Resistance, you'd know that it was the hottest thing on Sony's new machine. But is it worth buying a PS3 for? That is entirely up to you.

Resistance: Fall of Man review
Rainbow Six Vegas review

Rainbow Six Vegas - X360

Vegas is a nasty, dirty city and it's about time the terrorists decided to take it down. Oh wait a RSV you're supposed to STOP the terrorists from levelling Vegas. My mistake. Oh well, it's a FPS, I'll shoot anyone and anything that moves, be they good, bad, whatever. If you've been a Rainbow Six fan for awhile, Vegas will test your skills to the limit.

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter - X360

When we said we were going to Mexico last winter, everyone thought we meant "Puerto Vallarta". Nope. We meant Mexico City and we also meant "virtually". We're game reviewers, we can't afford vacations. Advanced Warfighter evolved the Ghost Recon franchise to almost unrecognizable levels (a good thing) and we can't wait for the sequel.

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter review
Black review

Black - PS2 / Xbox

Developers Criterion, best known for their wildly popular Burnout racing franchise tried their hand at the FPS genre and passed with flying bullets. Not only does Black look amazing on the PS2 and Xbox, but the gameplay rivals anything on the next gen systems. The pace rarely lets up which can get a tad frustrating, but action-junkies won't find that to be a negative aspect. If you like expending lots and lots of bullets, once you go Black, you'll never go back.


Horror Game of the Year

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