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Dead Rising review

Dead Rising - X360

We never realized just how true to life Capcom's Dead Rising actually was until we experienced Christmas shopping this past holiday season. Zombies in a mall never gets old, just ask George Romero. Since Capcom does zombies better than anyone, Dead Rising turned out great and surprisingly didn't play at all like a rehashed, luke warm spin-off of Cap's other undead classic, Resident Evil.

Resident Evil: Deadly Silence - DS

They said it couldn't be done, but who are "they" anyway? Deadly Silence was a remixed version of the original Resident Evil made specifically for the Nintendo DS. Rebirth mode was the S.T.A.R. (get it?) of the show, featuring new puzzles and a lot more action. One thing was evident after playing this game on the DS; the original RE still can provide chills and thrills even on the small screen.
Resident Evil: Deadly Silence review
Rule of Rose review

Rule of Rose - PS2

Atlus really pushed the envelope with their tale of despair that centered around the twisted child denizens of a 1930's orphanage. Rule of Rose was entirely story-driven, which was the game's only saving grace as the fighting mechanics were spotty at best. Thankfully combat didn't play a large part in the game as most enemies (aside from bosses) could be avoided. Those who did take a chance on RoR were most likely very entertained by its engrossing mystery.


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