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Guitar Hero 2 review

Guitar Hero II - PS2

We (and everyone else with great taste in games) loved the first Guitar Hero. For the sequel Harmonix and Red Octane gave us more of what made the original so awesome, how could we not be totally enthralled by it? The multitude of tracks are dynamite, the gameplay has been tweaked (pull-offs are easier) and you can even jam with a rhythm player and bass player if you want. Music games went from zero to hero with the Guitar Hero series!

Singstar Rocks - PS2

We were disappointed to discover that the box for this video game Karaoke competition says "Drunken Japanese businessmen not included" but we still had fun anyway. Singstar's most innovative feature, the pitch detector, not only makes the game more entertaining, but educational as well. You could hone your crappy voice just singing along every day! Very cool.
Singstar Rocks review


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