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Tomb Raider Legend review

Tomb Raider Legend - multi

For a tomb raider, Lara Croft sure got lost there for a few years. But thanks to Crystal Dynamics who replaced Core Design (Lara's creators) our favorite gun-toting, shorts-hugging, pony-tailed adventuress returned to great fanfare in 2006. While technically more of an action title than a platformer, you can't deny that without Lara's acrobatic feats of derring-do, tomb raiding would be rather boring...dahling. Glad to have you back Lara!

New Super Mario Bros. - DS

One pill makes you larger...another makes you small....what was Miyamoto listening to when he produced NSMB - Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit by any chance? Super Mario Bros. was the original platformer back in the day and its updated successor on the DS continues that tradition in spades. We loved the feeling of nostalgia mixed with the 21st century visuals. An instant classic.
New Super Mario Bros. review
Chibi-Robo review

Chibi-Robo! Plug Into Adventure! - GC

Chibi-Robo slipped under the radar of many gamers in 2006 but those who did play it found a refreshing adventure / 3D platformer that was as hard to define as it was to put down. The engaging puzzles centering around Chibi's need to recharge himself and the many gadgets at his disposal were the ingredients for gaming fun for all ages. Look for a DS Chibi adventure in 2007.

Yoshi's Island DS - DS

Babysitting was never so much fun! Yoshi's Island DS took the tried and true Yoshi's Story/Island gameplay and upped the ante with more babies, more platforming and more challenges and we couldn't get enough. Whether you're a Mario fan, a Yoshi fan or a platforming fan, Yoshi's Island DS will satisfy that craving for good old fashioned action.
Yoshi's Island DS review
Daxter review

Daxter - PSP

We knew Daxter would be good, we just didn't expect it to be great. We mean, really great. Having been almost as overexposed as Phil Collins was in the 80's, Daxter and his pal Jak, were getting a little tiresome thanks to too many game appearances. The PSP needs great platformers and Daxter is one of the best on ANY console.


Puzzle Game of the Year

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